TRG’s Advanced Driving Academy Combines Fast Cars with Willing Pupils

TRG, renown for its driver development program, was steered toward the Monticello Motor Club recently by motorsport veterans Scot Leder, Steve Stander and Kevin Wittman.  The result was a full-day of learning by 18 willing pupils with some very fast cars under the tutelage of TRG professional drivers Andy Lally (NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series) and Spencer Pumpelly  (American Le Mans/Grand-Am sports car series).


The lineup was impressive – an array of Porsches, a pair of Ferrari F430 Challenge cars, a Ferrari 458, a Nissan GTR (driven by a crazy man talking on his cell phone at 140 mph),  a Corvette C5R and several Monticello-provided CTS-V Cadillacs.

Corvette owner J.R. Amantea reveled in the experience. “I must say, it didn’t take much convincing from my friend Bob Doyle or Steve Stander for me to attend this event; but the highlight for me was to have a ride along in my own car in the rain with road racing ace, Spencer Pumpelly, and to be a part of the TRG Team for the day! This was more than one could imagine.

“This advanced driving academy put on by TRG is definitely a must-do for the weekend track enthusiast or for someone as myself, looking to take the next step into professional road racing. The feedback is very constructive and the information you receive is invaluable. Hats off to Spencer, Andy, Kevin and the rest of the TRG crew as they had a very busy weekend at The Glen, and then made the time for all of the participants at Monticello!!”

The event was the brainchild of Leder, an instructor from the PCA/NASA ranks whose specialty is driver development

“TRG's Advanced Driving Academy experience delivers on ‘The Dream’ of many,” said Leder.  “We have RaceKeeper Data Acquisition and interpretation, along with in car coaching to accelerate our drivers learning curve.   With the guidance of technology and genuine coaching the drivers get to reach their goals faster with less expense. Time equals money. Time is money.”

Buckler plans to take the concept one step further in 2012.  He announced to the group that he hoped to start an Advanced Racing Academy, using many of America’s leading sports car courses.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 23 August 2011 21:01)