TRG Powers to Top Five in Long Beach

(LONG BEACH, CA) April 21 – TRG took a top five finish in Long Beach after a strong effort and a fuel strategy that was mere laps from playing out into a victory. The Port Lavaca Auto Group/ ViperExchange No. 66 and Adobe Road Winery/Spectra Resources Corporation No. 68 Porsches were some of the fastest on the track all race, but penalties set back one, while the pit strategy for the other was just one lap from coming up roses. 

After some risky fuel strategy, TRG and the No. 68 Porsche had just enough left in the tank for the finish at Long Beach. With 30 minutes left in the race, Craig Stanton was running hard in 5th position, slightly conserving fuel after stopping just over an hour in and taking over for Bret Curtis who ran a flawless stint. Without a long caution, it was believed that the four cars in front would all need to stop again in order to make it to the end. After the first half of the race was riddled with caution flags, the second half was much cleaner with a faster pace and allowed for the No. 68 to pressure the four leaders as the foursome cut back their lap times to conserve fuel.

In the end, the four did not have to pit, relegating Stanton and Curtis to take fifth on the historic downtown circuit.

The No. 66 ran into trouble early with an unfortunate 60 second penalty for avoidable contact just after the start of the race, then a 20 second penalty for a pitstop mishap with too many crewmen giving the car a push on pit lane. Faulkner and Keating both drove the car hard and had some of the fastest laps of the race.

Faulkner on the No. 66 car and the team:

I feel like the team did a great job of getting the car ready after a disappointing qualifying, it was solid, but we’re underachieving at the moment. We know what we have to do going forward, and we will get there, everyone is headed in the right direction.   Ben was fantastic for never seeing the track, and he showed that he’s one of the fastest gentleman drivers there is. 

Keating on racing at Long Beach: 

The event at Long Beach is magnificent, with so many different races going on, it’s truly a spectacle. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. With Indy, ALMS, World Challenge and Drift all taking place here, it’s a big weekend and it’s a fantastic experience.

Curtis on the track and the car:

I love Long Beach, it’s like a hometown race for me, so I’ve got friends and family here and the car was solid. We tried a different fuel strategy that almost paid off, but I felt really good about our run. 

Stanton on Long Beach and the car:

I love Long Beach, I bike here, my family and friends were all here, and I will take fifth any day. The car felt great, it was fast and we were up there with the leaders the entire time. I really felt like we had a great run here. Bret was great, and the guys at TRG had the car dialed-in.