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TRG Battles Luck, Bad Breaks in 24 hours of Daytona

PETALUMA, CA (February 4th, 2013) – After 24 grueling hours, The Racer’s Group (TRG) can look back on the race at Daytona knowing that despite more than a few tough breaks, the team kept its composure, buckled down and worked through the night to create the best possible outcome for all cars.

Early on TRG looked set to establish themselves as a serious contender, with Jorg Bergmeister quickly piloting the No. 66 into the third place during his stint, while Romain Dumas drove the No. 67 up six positions during his first action on track.
Ivo Breukers moved the No. 68 up as well, showcasing his endurance race experience, methodically moving through the pack of GT cars.

A faulty water hose on the No. 66 put it behind the wall with the team needing to be certain it got fixed not wanting to risk and under-performing car on track. This took valuable time, but the key decision was made that in order to make all 24 hours, it had to be done. The No. 66 ran strong for much of the race until it incurred a faulty differential in the waning moments of the race.

After an unfortunate incident in the middle of the night involving the No. 68 that took driver Brad Lewis into the wall making it unable to return, the Krohn Racing No. 67 took the focus of the team. Utilizing an incredibly precise pit strategy during cautions, the neon green Porsche went from five laps down to the lead lap during the course of several yellow flag periods. With the help of the team spotters, crew chief, and owner Kevin Buckler, Dumas was the epitome of composure during the tense sessions and executed the strategy perfectly.

After an incredible effort by the crew, the No. 66 was back out, the No. 67 was on the lead lap, and things were looking up when a broken differential became the next stroke of bad luck. Nic Jonsson was forced to bring the Krohn Racing car back in, costing more time off the track.

Fortunately, TRG has some of the best mechanics in sports car racing, and they showed no signs of giving up throughout the long hours of the night. Team Manager Weston Farmer, tasked with leading the effort, showed the poise and expertise required of someone in his role, being unflappable no matter what the situation called for.

While TRG set its sights on a victory, the team moves on to the next race with chins up, and determination at an all-time high.

Kevin Buckler on the race:

As usual Daytona is such a huge event and so many things can go right or can go wrong. No matter how hard you try to predict the inevitable... there is always something out there that can bite you. I have to say that I was so proud of everybody on this team and the way that they performed over the last month and particularly for the five days at Daytona. The team really came together and on race day we were ready. All of the drivers put in good solid stints and the team and mechanics gave it their best --just like they always do. At the end of a race like this you are cursing it but like the professionals that everyone here at TRG are-- the guys are already analyzing everything and working to make it better even next year!!! Were off to Sebring with our heads held high and looking for a championship in the GTC class!!!


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