About TRG / The Racer's Group

About The Racer's Group

TRG Wins the 2006 GT Triple CrownTRG (The Racer's Group) was founded in 1992 in Monterey, Ca. by Kevin and Debra Buckler and has quickly grown into one of the most successful, multi-faceted motor sports businesses and professional racing teams in the world.

The organization is best known for its championship winning professional racing programs, but is actually divided into 3 specialties:

  • A manufacturer and distributor of a variety of racing-related parts
  • A multi-tier "arrive and drive" program for its racing clients
  • The professional race teams

TRG Wins Le MansTRG has a long history of success and achievement that is almost unmatched in the professional sportscar racing world.  From humble roots as a Porsche Club Racing business to being adept at successfully managing teams of unprecedented competitive scope, TRG has now placed itself firmly at the forefront of motorsports.

TRG's goal is to provide top-quality parts and service for all of its racing clients, as well as to provide a winning platform for its drivers partners, and sponsors.  The talented and dedicated group of TRG employees work towards this goal every day in a continuous pursuit of excellence and retaining the #1 position within the field.