The Racer’s Group Partners with BRM Chronographes to Create Iconic Timepiece

April 7, 2016,
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Teaming up to launch a record-setting timepiece, the SP-44-TRG, the companies will release one of the lightest chronographs in the world.

PETALUMA, CA – April 7, 2016: The Racer’s Group is pleased to announce a partnership with BRM Chronographes for its 2016 race season. The innovative watchmaker, which produces the world’s lightest chronograph-automatic timepiece in hard material, is a natural fit for the elite TRG motorsports company. The collaboration will also include BRM branding on TRG’s racecars for the duration of the 2016 season.

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Engineered by BRM, the custom SP-44-TRG translates TRG’s iconic livery and racing legacy through handcrafted timepieces. The made-to-measure models are designed with industry-leading technical precision and will feature some of the most advanced mechanics and materials in modern watchmaking.

“This cutting edge timepiece utilizes some of our design cues and all revolving around the motorsports world,” said Kevin Buckler, CEO of TRG. “In racing, so much attention is paid to weight — we struggle to take pounds and ounces off of our car all the time to ensure we are competitive. BRM is all about cutting edge tech for a small fleet-footed company, which mirrors what TRG does. The quality, craftsmanship, and the technology that goes into this watch that weighs less than two ounces is mind boggling, and that kind of innovation means BRM is a perfect match for TRG.”

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BRM Americas’ President, Frederic Gasser, added, “TRG is an exceptional example of what’s possible when an organization is passionately committed to the integrity and art of racing, and BRM is honored to engineer the team’s inaugural timepiece. Having partnered with TRG-AMR driver Derek DeBoer for the past two seasons, we welcome this exciting opportunity to expand our collaboration with the TRG family.”

The initial introduction to the BRM brand happened at Le Mans, where Buckler saw and appreciated the watchmaker’s support of the motorsports world. When driver Derek DeBoer, a BRM ambassador, joined TRG-Aston Martin Racing, he brought with him a custom, limited-edition line of BRM timepieces. DeBoer’s watch was widely admired by aficionados, and it was a natural progression to move forward with fully integrating the brand by launching the SP-44-TRG.

“I am so excited to be a part of bringing these two great forces together,” said DeBoer. “My role with BRM and my role with TRG have brought me into two amazing families and I know we’ll all be rising to new heights together. Both bring so much expertise and precision to the table that it fills me with confidence being a part of this great team!”

The SP-44-TRG will have the TRG logo laser-etched into the 44mm Fortal HR aluminum bezel, and will feature custom-painted hands, a skeleton dial, and an ultra lightweight, custom dyed and hand-stitched tech fabric strap. A key feature of the piece is that it ranks among BRM’s record-breaking timepieces, representing the world’s lightest chronograph-automatic watch rendered in hard materials at 54 grams.


Pre-orders are now open for the bespoke timepiece from BRM and TRG; pricing, technical specifications, and hi-resolution images are available upon request. For sales inquiries, please contact; for media inquiries, please contact Danielle Crespo,, or Abby Armstrong,

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