April 1, 2013,
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For the successful type who prefers spending their free time driving a high performance car and dreaming of being James Bond instead of driving on a fairway, your vehicle has arrived! TRG (The Racer’s Group), has now formally taken the reins of Aston Martin Racing in North America, (TRG-AMR North America) and has begun a comprehensive motorsports program which includes racing the Aston Martin Vantage GT cars in the multiple categories across the US Sportscar scene.  It also includes the stunning Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Track Day car, which will be on display at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, running March 29- April 7th at the Jacob Javitz Center.

While it shares the gorgeous exterior of its streetcar Aston Martin brethren, this is no ordinary Vantage. It is a car that truly rewards the expert professional driver as well as the weekend enthusiast.  The Vantage GT4 is a purpose-built racecar and not legal for highway use. The body features lightweight composite panels, which helps shed more than 700 lbs. versus the streetcar. The interior is all business as the Aston Martin hand-stitched leather and elegant switchgear are replaced with race seats, fire suppression and a fuel cell. The front mounted V-8 has been tuned up to 480 HP, delivering an exhaust note an pure aggressive beauty.

A steep learning curve and precise heel-and-toe techniques that have kept many aspiring racers off the track are gone.  With the Vantage GT4 ease of operation is a top priority as is the “Fun Factor.” Unlike many competition cars, the GT4 comes with racing ABS, high-performance paddle shifters and available 11-way adjustable race-tuned traction control. All this technology makes the GT4 much easier for the amateur racer to master and dramatically cuts down the chance of costly mistakes.

Every GT4 is built with a paramount safety design. A fully integrated roll-cage gives the driver maximum protection in the case of an incident.

With the distinguished Aston Martin wings on the hood, the incredible technology underneath it, and the absurd amount of fun it is to drive, buyers are pleasantly surprised to find the price of a Vantage GT4 far less than its track day rivals, starting at under $200,000.

The Vantage GT4 was created to be the perfect track day car, but starting in 2014, there will be a Vantage GT4 Racing Series on our shores just for these cars. For those buyers who want to venture beyond the local track, this amateur race series will take them to iconic tracks across North America. Considering the gorgeous design and stirring sounds of just one Vantage GT4, seeing a dozen or more on track together might be sensory overload.

The Vantage GT4 will be make its Northeast track debut in early May at Monticello Motor Club where interested buyers can test drive the car.  Rumor has it that Bond himself may take a spin.

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