September 13, 2014,
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Tooele, UT. (September 13, 2014) -TRG-Aston Martin Racing North America has brought home both a victory and a third place finish which saw a TRG-AMR dominated podium following the 2014 season’s penultimate GTS race at Miller Motorsports Park. The race today was Round 15 of the 2014 Pirelli World Challenge GTS season of competition, one which saw some of the true potential of both the drivers and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 they pilot.

The 2014 season saw TRG-AMR field as many as six cars in a single event weekend, though the majority of the season was run by TRG-AMR Team Drivers Jorge De La Torre, 3rd place finisher Drew Regitz, and today’s winner Nick Esayian. All three are on their first full season of competition with TRG-AMR, with 2014 also being De La Torre’s Rookie season. Sonoma saw the team supporting five GTS class cars and one GT class car, adding European GT star Christina Nielsen to the ranks in the V12 Vantage GT3, as well as sportscar racers Santiago Creel and Derek DeBoer to the team ranks.

Nick Esayian, longtime Pirelli World Challenge veteran, has had a roller coaster season, but persevered through thick and thin, ultimately bringing home a great win here in Utah today.

Nick Esayian, TRG-AMR Team Driver: “What a race! It’s great to be sharing the podium with my teammate Drew. We’ve fought all season long for strong finishes, but the racing gods were tough on us this year. But just like in life, you have to just put your head down and muscle through the bad times – and I did. The Vantage is an amazing car to drive, today it was set up perfectly for the track, I had great grip, and good speed. A big thanks to the guys on the team who have worked so hard all year – a victory like this is just as much theirs. Looking forward to the final race tomorrow, then it’s time to start planning for next year. Who knows what 2015 will bring – just be on the lookout for me!”

Also putting up a great fight for a podium finish today was Drew Regitz, in his second year of competition with TRG-AMR and the Aston marque.

Drew Regitz, TRG-AMR Team Driver: “Since I first joined up with TRG-AMR in 2013, I’ve had a steep learning curve, to say the least! I’ve been really happy with the GT4 – it’s incredible how the car drives, reacts to set up changes, and always seems to have just enough power or brakes. It was fun dicing it up all afternoon with Jack (Baldwin) and Nick (Esayian) – what a great group of drivers are here in World Challenge. I couldn’t be happier with the competition, the balance of performance, and the series. Also – big shout out to my guys who helped keep my car in tip-top shape all year.

TRG-AMR is a great team – I’m looking forward to more potential options in the future with them!”

Splitting time and focus between the team’s GT4 Challenge Race at Monticello (NY) and the World Challenge race here in Utah, TRG-AMR CEO Kevin Buckler is no stranger to the military strategy of divide and conquer.

Kevin Buckler, CEO, TRG-AMR North America: “I’ve been trying to attend to multiple aspects of the team this weekend – partner and sponsor meetings in Manhattan, our GT4 Challenge Series race at Monticello Motor Club, and the huge World Challenge season finale at Miller. We were all at dinner tonight in NY and following everything from Miller on our phones for the entire race. It’s so great to see Nick and Drew finally finish in the positions they’ve deserved all season. With Nick you have a seasoned veteran that is used to running up front and is fast and crafty, with Drew you’ve got an incredibly tactical driver – precise and exacting – he has worked so hard on his driving this year and it really shows. He can run up front!! They both showed their stuff today and I’m super proud of both of them. Jorge did a great job as well, finishing 12th with no mistakes, once again a super smart and clean run. He’s been working on his racecraft all season, while also being a full time college student and approaching both with the same drive and attention. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with very soon – he’s been learning and growing all season long. Great job by all the guys today – we’re going for the throat again today and looking towards 2015 as we end this season on a high! The Aston Martin is the car to have for 2015. This is such a strong program both on and off the track!”

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