TRG-AMR’s Alexandridis Threads the Needle at PWC Mid-Ohio

August 1, 2016,
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PETALUMA, CA (August 1, 2016): TRG-AMR’s Jason Alexandridis returned from Round 13 of the Pirelli World Challenge at Mid-Ohio with new achievements and experiences from a very intense GTS race weekend. Both he and the crew displayed their most skilled performances, both on and off of the track. Alexandridis took the No. 09 BRM Chronographes/Rebounderz Rohnert Park/Racing for Cancer/Pirata Della Strada/Simon Ward Aston Martin V8 Vantage to a Top 10 race position, one of the highlights of his rookie year with TRG-AMR.

Though this was meant to be a double-header weekend, heavy downpours caused Friday’s race to be rescheduled to a later date. That meant that Alexandridis and the crew had only one chance to shine in Saturday’s sprint race. With minimal track time with the Aston Martin, car and driver preparation was a crucial component to success at this race. During the standing start, two of the frontrunners collided, causing a domino effect of racecars zig-zagging down the grid. Alexandridis was able to dodge his way through the chaos, effectively threading the needle to safety and into the race, ultimately finishing in 11th.

“It was great watching Jason race for his first time at Mid-Ohio,” said Kevin Buckler, CEO. “He brought family and friends and we made it a big family race weekend. Unfortunately, the weather threw us a curveball and we were unable to race on Friday, but we were ready to go on Saturday and had a great run. Once again he shows me how totally ‘heads up’ he is as it was an unbelievably messy start, and somehow he made it through unscathed. Jason drove safe and smart and brought the car home to a strong finish. Having the vantage point way up in the tower, I was able to observe first-hand how much power and handling the ‘Kit Cars’ still have in reserve and we are all truly hoping that the series can finally get the BOP dialed in before the next race, as it is definitely not right. The series has such a difficult job with this, and I applaud them for trying so hard, but when you can observe the ‘ebbs and flows’ of how these cars can basically place themselves wherever they want and whenever they want, and also outgun us on the straightaway — well, it is beyond frustrating and we are getting late in the season. I can’t wait until we race together at Sonoma and Laguna where Jason will finally be on equal footing with the other drivers with all of his experience at those tracks. Again, we’re proud of a very impressive run from Jason and the entire team at Mid-Ohio!”

CBS Sports Network will show the replay of this race on Aug. 11 at 10 PM Eastern The next Pirelli World Challenge race is at the Utah Motorsports Campus on August 12-14. Learn more about the team, upcoming opportunities, and the event schedule at

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