2000 Porsche 996 GT3RS



  • Car was purchased new from Porsche by TRG in 2000 as a GT3R.
  • It was upgraded to 2002 spec GT3RS in 2002.
  • Dual intake plenums/ updated crankshaft timing sensor.
  • Motor was rebuilt in 2010 and was driven for 14 hours.
  • Car was dynoed after receiving new coil.
  • Transmissions was rebuilt in 2018 and a new clutch was installed.
  • New front rotors and good rears.

Car comes with:

  • 2 new sets of Pagid brake pads
  • 3 sets of wheels and mounted Hoosiers. (2 sticks and 1 rain)
  • Air jack system with lance and double high stands
  • Car Cover

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Vehicle details such as mileage and time are subject to change.