October 15, 2014,
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Petaluma, CA. (October 15th, 2014) – “Cutting edge” has always been one of the mantras of TRG-Aston Martin Racing and the team’s founder Kevin Buckler, so when Orion Energy Systems approached Kevin about a strategic partnership for the 2015 season, it was an instant match. Known for its efficiency and design, Orion’s portfolio of products encompassing LED Solid-State lighting and smart controls provides exponentially brighter and crisper light and drives financial, environmental and workspace benefits. This technology has been applied to commercial and industrial developments worldwide, and will soon be integrated into the TRG-AMR headquarters building, transporters, pit and other race equipment.

TRG-AMR will partner with Orion in a comprehensive program that includes all aspects of business opportunities in the ever-rising professional sportscar racing world. From comprehensive corporate hospitality events, strong branding opportunities and meaningful business-to-business connections, the partnership is designed to chart new territory.

Additionally, Orion will use TRG-AMR and the Aston Martin brand as a marketing platform to reach new areas of growth within the company, taking advantage of the many companies with which the California based race team is already doing business as well as other key relationships it has in the booming technology world.

Kevin Buckler, CEO, TRG-AMR North America: “Partnering with Orion was a natural fit. “Relationship Marketing” around our multitude of corporate and lifestyle events fits their business agenda perfectly, and our ability to connect our corporate partners and engage the B2B network we’ve built over the past 20 years is an incredible asset for both of us. One introduction can justify an entire year long partnership and the power of complex corporate hospitality and relationship marketing programs utilizing B2B networks is still largely untapped; especially with the increase in the popularity of sportscar racing and its associated lifestyle. The kind of partnerships we can pull together here are incredible and I am so glad Orion recognized this opportunity. They are a fantastic organization and I am inspired by their corporate culture. We’re already working hard for them as we build towards the 2015 season.”

John Scribante, CEO, Orion Energy Systems:“We have explored cutting edge opportunities within the sports world to grow our business,” said Orion CEO John Scribante. “Sportscar racing has always been on the leading edge of technology, including environmental innovations, and with TRG-AMR we see a team that is setting new benchmarks in bringing businesses together to grow the sport.”

In addition to its lighting systems, Orion has also developed proprietary energy management control systems. TRG-AMR intends to implement many of Orion’s systems within its work environment, including its corporate office, race shop, race paddock and pit lane equipment.

Please visit Orion Energy Systems on the web at and on the New York Stock Exchange under OESX.

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